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"thehired.ai really makes it easy to apply for jobs,and I'm just loving the way I can search for jobs, you guys are rocking it."

- Hartech

"thehiredai is all about community, I just love how they filter out their candidates, qualified candidates are really rare to get, but not for thehiredai!"

- Johanne

"You guys are doing a great job of finding interesting opportunities. If you're looking to get hired or if you're a founder looking to bring on incredible talent."

- Ratan

"the search feature is Insane, i didn't know itll be this precise.Love the GPT as well, much more convenient than traditional sources."

- Suburah

"My experience with them has been fantastic, and I recommend their platform to anyone seeking opportunities in the AI field. Will be waiting for more features to come out, Do check them out if You feel like you are qualified."

- Lawal

"You guys are the best, we found a candidate in a few hours of our call. I highly recommend Thehired.ai to everyone"

- Mohammed

"@thehiredai has allowed me to really get my resume and work out there in public for companies to see, thank you, guys."

- EskyML

"I can't thank thehiredai Enough. I am a UX UI Designer, and they really helped me bring my skill to new people."

- Akshita


Why Choose Us?

At TheHired.AI, we take job searching to the next level with our cutting-edge AI model search engine. Discover the advantages ofchoosing us:
Efficiency Beyond Compare

Our AI model navigates seamlessly through all job sections, providing you with instant access to a vast sea of opportunities ensuring you get the most relevant matches for your skills and interests.


Time is of the essence in today's job market. With thehired.ai, you can save hours of manual searching. Focus on what matters most: making the perfect application.


We are a recruiting firm based In Dubai, with the most advanced Search option you'll see anywhere.

We recommend you use our smart search AI feature. Alternatively, you can manually check each category's company job posts.

We are focused on the given niches (More are being added)
1. AI Applications/websites(AI Automation, chatbot integration,LLM engineers and …)
2. Data science and Ml
3. Refine with AI(AI content,Prompt engineers,AI consultant, Fact checking with AI and ..)
4. Get the Best data(Data Annotation, Data analytics, Data visualization)
5. AI creatives(AI videos, AI music, AI voice)

You find a job that interests you, either using our search or manually, and you can apply afterward.

It's completely free.

How often are new AI job listings added?

We are still Working on it, But we will add it soon.

Our model fetches all the jobs based on your profile and the details it gets from your chat, so it'll be super accurate.

Yes, community is the most important measure for us and we always provide support; you can contact us at [email protected]

You will see the "post a job" button on the top right corner of your dashboard after you login.

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